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The Palm Reading

Orland Park Psychic

The palm reading is a study of your palm. The lines in your palm have meaning, and every ones lines are different. The palm will be able to accurately tap into your personality traits and characteristics. Who you are as a person, what is troubling you presently, and what you can do to make big changes in your life.


(5-15 minutes)

Tarot card readings

Orland Park Psychic

Tarot cards are a strong tool to help tap into your energy, and the energy of those around you. They are very accurate in terms of your past, present, and future. The cards are able to answer your burning questions about love & career. All questions will be answered and clarified.


(10-45 minutes)

Full Life Reading

Orland Park Psychic

The full life reading is a combo reading. Using both palm and cards, this reading is much more in-depth. Touching on aspects such as love, career, health, family, friends, finances. The full life reading also helps to bring light on your spirituality, guardian angels, positive energy, negative energy, & energy vampires. It will also pick up on any chakras that may be un-balanced. This reading will give you information on how to keep you on the right track.


(15-55 minutes)

The Love life reading

Orland Park Psychic

This brand new reading is all about love. All I will be needing for this reading is a photo of the person/s in question, there name and date of birth, and I will be able to tell you if he/she is the one, or if your wasting your time. I am able to tell if they are faithful, compatible, trust worthy, soul-mates etc. If you are not in a relationship or do not have a question about some one, this reading is also helpful to you. I will tap into your aura and analyze any information about past or future love for you.


(15-55 minutes)

Please Note : I have the right to refuse service or a reading  to any one who I feel I can not connect to! 

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